Explainer videos can make or break the success of a business. Knowing this, many businesses outsource the creation of their videos because they don’t have the skills or software to do it.

When it comes to writing the script, though, they often think that because they can string a sentence together, they can write a script.

Thing is, scriptwriting is just as specialist as animation or graphic design. To get it right, there are many factors that need to be considered before the animation stage begins.

Working with an external scriptwriter can help your business for many reasons. It’s about so much more than the additional conversions a great script will get you (although it will—we do get paid to write scripts for a reason).

Here are more reasons you should outsource the writing of your explainer video script:

The writing process is faster

When you’re not used to adapting your writing for a particular medium, that piece will take you longer to write. And probably cause you unnecessary stress, too, because you’re thinking about every little thing and trying to do it all at the same time. There’s not enough coffee in the world to help with that.

Even if you’re a seasoned writer and you’re trying a different type of writing, it can take you longer because you need to adapt your processes to fit your new medium and style.

You’ll undoubtedly want to do loads of research to figure out what does and doesn’t work, too.

I’ve known plenty of novelists struggle with blogging, and content writers take their time on novels. There’s no harm in that, but if you need an explainer video for an upcoming event or release, the longer you take to put that script together, the further back you push your release—or you end up with no video for your launch.

When you outsource your explainer video scriptwriting, the writer already understand the fundamental elements of scriptwriting and marketing. That’s a whole research step skipped already!

On top of that, they might also understand your industry, meaning they can easily adapt their scriptwriting skills to fit it.

And, since they already understand the mechanics of scriptwriting, drafts are turned around faster, and the script will require fewer rounds of edits—saving you energy to focus on other aspects of your business.

You’ll understand the psychology

There’s a psychology to explainer video scriptwriting that people who are new to it often don’t consider. Much like when writing a sales page, each element needs to be covered in a certain way, in a certain order.

Once you’ve got your order, you need to know how to translate it a written format that reads like spoken word, not like Siri.

A script that uses punctuation and italics in the right way can suggest where pauses and emphases belong, but it’s easy to fall into the Long Sentence Trap if you’re not used to writing scripts. This makes it harder for the narrator and means they may pause in places which emphasise the wrong things because there are no pauses to break up the sentence. (Try reading that last sentence aloud without pausing, and you’ll see what I mean.)

A professional scriptwriter knows simple techniques that make all the difference to your video.

For example, did you know that using contractions—whether in written or verbal format—puts your audience more at ease? They assume they’re not in a formal environment and they’re therefore more likely to relax and trust you.

Using contractions is a small thing, but it makes all the difference to how your video sounds—and how your business comes across.

You’ll learn all the tricks when working with a scriptwriter. Then, if you decide to create another explainer video, you’ll be able to write the script yourself next time (if you want to).

You can focus on one thing

Many, many explainer videos try to do too many things at once. Which means they do none of them well.

When creating a video for your brand, it’s far better to have one really strong video that focuses on your brand mission, or the benefits of a particular product, than a video of the same length that offers an overview of everything. 

It’s kind of like what they taught us about essay writing at school—a handful of topics covered in depth will get you more marks than loads of topics covered vaguely.

It’s easy to cover lots of things vaguely, but a lot harder to focus on one thing in depth, then translate that into everyday language. The more concentrated the video, the more successful it’ll be.

An experienced scriptwriter can help you to focus your video, bring out the core concept, and decide what will appeal the most to your audience.

You’ll get specific

When we’re close to something, it’s hard to see the bigger picture. An objective opinion from a freelancer will be able to tell you what ideas work or don’t work for video—and for your audience.

You’ll be able to come away with a more specific and effective concept in a shorter time frame.

The script will be tighter

The more experience someone has writing for a particular medium or audience, the tighter their writing will be. Their images will be more vivid; their language more able to connect with the audience.

These are things that professionals do automatically, but that require a lot of tinkering when you’re new to writing a video script.

You can focus on your strengths

Business 101, right? Focus on your strengths.

Most people aren’t trained to write scripts, which means they’re more likely to make mistakes when writing them.

So, in the same way that you’d outsource email marketing or design to someone who understands them better, why wouldn’t you outsource your script, too?

You know your business and what your target customers want, but if you can translate that to a scriptwriter, you’ll come away with a stronger script that’s more likely to get you conversions and sales.

Why you need to outsource your explainer video script

Get your script going

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