My Work

A collection of content for a variety of publications

Welcome to my portfolio! This is just a selection of some of the long and short form content I’ve written over the last few years. If there’s a particular article you’d like to see, or a particular topic you’d like more details of my experience in, feel free to email or book a call with me using the form below.

The Startup

Your copywriting sucks. Here’s how to fix it.

ART + Marketing

10 Literary Techniques to Supercharge Your Copywriting

Thrive Global

How to be productive when you just want to procrastinate

HR Tech Weekly

10 Office Tasks You Need to Automate

Thrive Global

Can technology help with workplace diversity?

The Huffington Post

Why It Matters When Celebrities Share Their Health Issues


7 Unconventional (and Seemingly Counterproductive) Productivity Techniques

The Writing Cooperative

7 Habits You Need to Adopt if You Want to Write More

The Huffington Post

Why Are We So Obsessed With Celebrity Relationships?

Tribal Impact

Digital Inbound Marketing (pillar page)

The Holiday Tracker

Managing Employee Wellbeing During the Coronavirus

Tribal Impact

How Marketing Should Use LinkedIn Live Events

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