Outsourcing any task can give you more time, allowing you to focus on building stronger relationships with your customers, solve problems faster, and grow sooner.

Aside from the cost, there aren’t many downsides to outsourcing.


There are times when you shouldn’t outsource your content marketing. At least not yet.

Either you’re not ready, your strategy isn’t ready, or your business isn’t. Let’s take a look at the reasons you SHOULDN’T outsource your content marketing:

You like control

It can be hard to relinquish control, especially if you have a really specific idea in your head of what you want but find it hard to articulate what that is.

There’s nothing wrong with liking control, but when you’ve outsourced anything, you have to let go. At least a little.

Otherwise, you’ll stress yourself out more than if you’d just done it yourself. You’ll also jeopardise the relationship you have with your content marketer, possibly beyond repair.

You don’t have a strategy

A content strategy should be at the core of your marketing—and maybe even employee advocacy or social selling—efforts. It keeps you on track, makes your marketing more consistent, and builds audience expectations.

You’ll also get more out of a content writer if you have a strategy for them to follow.

Alternatively, find a content marketer who can help you come up with a strategy, too (like me!).

You don’t have a purpose

Content marketing works better when you do it with purpose.

Do you want to increase your audience size?

Rank higher in SERPs?

Attract more leads?

Grow your employer brand?

All these require slightly different approaches.

If you’re not sure what your content’s purpose should be, consider your business goals in the short and long term. If you’re focusing on hiring, you need content that shows how your business thinks and what it’s like to work there.

If you want to grow your thought leadership and increase your audience size, SEO is a good place to focus your efforts.

You think AI can do it better

AI can string a sentence together. But it doesn’t have creativity, finesse, or personality. Some of the content it churns out also feels awkward and contrived.

Not to mention it can sometimes take longer to edit content written by AI than content written by a person.

And content written by AI also doesn’t perform as well in SERPs.

AI has a place in content, but it’s not for writing long-form content. It’s for condensing those ideas into shorter snippets, helping with research, or suggesting ways to tighten your writing.

You don’t know your budget

Your budget affects the type of writers you can work with—their expertise, experience, and the type of research they do for you.

It’s important you know how much you can pay per month before you sit down to work with a writer.

If you’re not sure on the cost, the average day rate for a copywriter in the UK in 2023 was £433, according to ProCopywriter.

What if you DO want to outsource your content?

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