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Here you’ll find a selection of previously published content written by myself. If you have any questions about the posts published here, or you’d like me to write for you, you can contact me on

Please note that some posts are published under my pen name, Kristina Adams.

Blog posts

A woman wearing sunglasses, holding her hand out to represent a celebrity not wanting to share her health issues with anyone

Tribal Impact

Digital Inbound Marketing (Pillar Page)

Open umbrellas of different colours to represent diversity

Thrive Global

Can technology help with workplace diversity?

A woman sipping water and holding her hand to her chest to represent a panic attack


Automated Interview Scheduling Report

Two robots interacting to represent automation

The Holiday Tracker

Managing Employee Wellbeing During the Coronavirus

A flat lay of items on a desk including a notebook, clock, glasses, and coffee


7 Unconventional (and Seemingly Counterproductive) Productivity Techniques

A clock with a post-it note that says later on it to represent procrastination

HR Tech Weekly

How to Motivate Your Employees

Video scripts

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