60 minutes to solve your SEO woes

Get tailored advice on your SEO strategy (or lack of one)

So you want to rank higher on Google. Who wouldn’t? It means more readers, which means more sales, and of course, more money.

But right now, what you’re doing just. Isn’t. working. And you haven’t got a clue why.

You’re pulling out your hair as you trawl the internet reading blogs and articles about the latest changes in the SEO industry. So you follow the advice…and it still doesn’t work. Why isn’t it working? Is it you? Is it your audience? Is there a crucial step in the SEO process that you’re missing? Does SEO even work, or is it just not right for your business? How’s your headache going with all that stuff to think about?

Stop pulling out your hair. Start solving your SEO woes.

SEO doesn’t have to be scary…

…make you pull out your hair, or cause you headaches.

Instead of wasting hours trawling search engines for vague, unspecific advice, spend an hour with me and get specific, tailored advice about things like:

  • How to rank higher on search engines
  • Ways to attract more readers
  • Ensuring your content converts
  • Make more money!

We’ll look at what’s really going wrong (and right!) with your SEO efforts. That way, you can double down on what’s effective and bin what isn’t serving you. Not only will you save hours of research time, but you’ll also save hours creating content that doesn’t serve you or your business.

Finally, you can start to get on the right tracks and grow your business for the very reason you started out – to help people! Your helpful and interesting content can attract more people in your industry, allowing you to help more people than ever.

How much time could you save?

Let’s take some time out to talk strategy. Let’s talk goals. Let’s talk SEO.

Once you’ve got a clear SEO strategy and clear goals, your content is more likely to succeed and more likely to convert.

In fact, 72% of marketers say that it increases the number of leads.

And isn’t that the point of great content? To help both your prospects and your business?

Kristina’s SEO report was amazing! Well-structured and easy to follow (even for a non-SEO/tech-challenged person like me), it helped me address various issues for key areas of my editing website. By the time I was done following her instructions, my website was not only more polished, but it ran better, read better, and overall projected a much more complete image of my services. I used to struggle with what to say and how much to say, and her coaching helped me iron out large chunks of areas that were in dire need of updating. Furthermore, the suggested keywords she sent me have already started attracting new traffic! I couldn’t be happier with the results. Whether you’re starting out or already established, there’s marketing Kristina can help you with so don’t hesitate! Friendly, professional service that delivers quality work in an expedient amount of time!

Alexa Whitewolf

Editor and owner, Luna Imprint Author Services

Schedule your SEO power hour

SEO power hour


  • One hour call
  • Talk about what’s not working for you
  • Tailored advice to your site and industry

For just £60 and one hour of your time, you could come out with more knowledge of SEO and how to use it to help your business. You’ll save time and effort while increasing your audience.

Kristina’s ability to adapt the content she creates to the topic and the reader makes her an asset for any business looking to boost their content marketing. On top of being an excellent copywriter, Kristina’s understanding of SEO strategies has helped her focus her time on creating content that stands out while attracting qualified visitors to websites and social media. If you are looking to breathe new life into your content then Kristina is the person you should work with!

Jeremy Bourhis

Marketing Manager, Cronofy


Can tailored advice really help me rank higher?

Yup. Think of it like this: if you were in the workplace, and someone sat you down and explained why the presentation you’d done was great, but also how you could improve, wouldn’t that be way better than reading some generic piece of advice you came across on the internet?

Generic advice can be helpful as a starting off point, but you’ll never grow as quickly unless you identify where the gaps in your knowledge are. And it’s always going to be faster to identify those gaps with a little bit of help from a friend.

What should my SEO goals even be?

Most people aim for ranking higher on Google, but if you ask me, that’s not what they should be aiming for. If you rank #1 on Google for a term nobody is searching for, you’re still wasting your time. Instead, you want to chase readers. We’ll look at how you can do that. And because you’re chasing readers, you’ll rank higher anyway.

Why should I invest in SEO when it isn’t working for me?

You’ll only figure out why it isn’t working for you if you invest the time and money in figuring out why it isn’t working. SEO works for every business because every business is designed to solve a problem. It fails when businesses have gaps in their funnel, don’t consider their funnel when creating content, and don’t do their keyword research. We can look at what’s going wrong with your SEO efforts so that you can double down on what’s working and chuck what isn’t.

I don’t spend as much time on my SEO strategy as I should. Can you still help?

100%! This isn’t about how much time or effort you’ve got to spend on your strategy. If you’ve only got a few minutes a day, we can still find a way to make this work for you. I’m not here to shame you for not having enough time (I totally get it), I’m here to help you come up with a system that works for you.

Do I need to do anything to prepare?

It helps to know what your goals are when it comes to your SEO, whether they’re to attract more readers, make more money, or something else. It also helps to bring along (or send in advance), information on your current rankings, audience numbers, conversion rates, and any other statistics you may have.

How do we arrange the call?

Fill in the form below to send me an email. I’ll then send you a booking link and an invoice so that we can pick a day and time that works for both of us. If there isn’t a time that works on the booking link, simply let me know your availability and we can find something that works!

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